Half Marathon Training Monday #4: Building the Base/ Planning Mode

Life, Running / Monday, May 21st, 2018

Hi Friends,

Last week I took the entire week off from running to rest my sore IT Band. But this week I was not only feeling better, I was feeling READY. Ready to run. Ready to train. Ready to keep my eyes forward and challenge myself. So I got to work building my base milage back up, and planning how I’m going to slowly build up my mileage from now through the summer.

Before I launch into my plan for this coming week to make sure that I get all my workouts in, let’s recap this past week.

  • Monday: Barre Class+ 3 easy miles
  • Tuesday: Barry’s Bootcamp Class (Leg Strength + Running Intervals)
  • Wednesday: 1 hr Elliptical + Upper Body Lift
  • Thursday: Barre class + 4 miles easy (still so sore from Barry’s!)
  • Friday: Rest/Physical Therapy (stretching and rolling)
  • Saturday:  Barre Cardio Class
  • Sunday: 9 miles easy+ at home arm and ab circuit.
    • Total Milage: 16

As you can see, I stuck to easy miles this week, and even made an effort not to hit too many hills as I let my stiff IT band settle back into  place. I also managed to slam out quite a few workouts of all different shapes and sizes. My goal right now is to ease my body back into consistent training mode, and to build my milage slowly over the next month or so. In a lot of ways, the Half Marathon I’m planning to run in Maine at the end of June is just a training run for my next marathon in October.

I took a low-milage approach to training for Boston this year because I was just coming off of a stress fracture and I was still figuring out my nutritional and hormonal stuff when I first signed on. But for this next race, I’m going to use a moderate-high milage training plan that tops out right around 45-50 miles a week. (I think I maxed out at 35ish miles last training cycle?) This will include speedwork, which I have totally ignored since last spring. And it’s also include lots of fun cross training and strength training activities, since those are what keep me injury free!

I’ve been really into planning things out lately, and so I spent some time this weekend really mapping out my marathon training schedule. I looked at when I’ll be traveling (I’ll be taking two full weeks off from official training to go to Peru in July/August, and I think it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT.) and I’ll be taking a full two-week taper just before the marathon in October. So…training kind of starts now!

Here’s how I’m preparing:

  • Building Running Frequency: for the first 3 months of training for Boston, I wasn’t allowed to be running for two consecutive days. This limited how many miles I could feasibly log in a week, but it also kept me from re-injuring my poor, tired tibia. By the end of training I was running 4-ish days a week, and I’m planning to up this to 5-6 days a week for this next training cycle. So, over the next few weeks I’m going to re-acclimate my body to running 5-6 days a week, even if the distances are a bit short.

    this is when I was building my milage last winter!!
  • STRENGTH TRAINING!! I’m headed back to the weight room this week, as well. But I am also going to be mixing things up with more Bootcamp and Barre workouts to keep the strengthening going with out all the sweaty men and grunting that happens at the YMCA weight room.

    me in the weight room last fall!! the ONLY time it was empty during all of LiveFit…
  • I’m Writing EVERYTHING Down! I keep a planner for long-term plans, and then insert my schedule into my iCal on a weekly basis. So I sat down with my planner this weekend and legit planned out all my runs and how I will train around all my travels this summer. I got super excited when I saw how well things fell into place once I just sat down and looked at everything closely!

    my beautiful self-made planner as I write this post…
  • Connecting With My Squad: I have been chatting with my friends about who is running what race, when, and where, and we’ve been coordinating how we could do some training together over the next few months. Because training with a squad is THE BEST.

On that same topic, I’ve been loving social workouts lately. I went to Barry’s bootcamp with a couple of the girls from my running team this week, and it was so fun. It was also the most sore I have ever been after anything other than a full marathon. I loved it, but I’ll have to plan a little smarter and maybe go a little easier with my weights next time I head to Barry’s so that I don’t totally mess up my training schedule.

I also managed to coordinate a longer run with some friends for Sunday morning, which was super fun. I love running with other people, and I also really loved getting back onto my old, pre-charity-team route around Boston.

Check back here on Wednesday for another book review! I am postponing my Barry’s review until I get a second class under my belt, probably some time next week.

Happy trails!

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