Portland Half Marathon Training Monday #5: I FINALLY WENT TO A TRACK, GUYS.

Life, Running / Monday, May 28th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

Sorry for the late post! I was enjoying my Memorial Day Weekend:) As evidence of my enjoyment, check out this amazing iris growing by my parent’s house…I love springtime!!

In other news, I have no idea what to name these posts anymore. Like, I am technically preparing for the Portland Old Port Half Marathon at the end of July, but I am also building the base for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. I’m just gonna go with the next race on my calendar for titling my Monday training logs, k?

Also, CONGRATS to everyone who completed the many, many amazing races this weekend! I had friends running the Vermont City Marathon and Boston’s Run to Remember 1/2 Marathon over the weekend, and it was so exciting to see all your victories on social media.

I dug in to training-mode this week, and it was pretty darn amazing. Here’s how my week panned out.

  • Monday: Barre Class + Physical Therapy
  • Tuesday: 4.85 miles (11min/mile warm up, 9:20min/mile for miles 2 &3, 10 min/mile for the next 1.85) + Leg Lift
  • Wednesday: 4 mile easy run
  • Thursday: 4 miles (Yasso 800’s for Miles 2 & 3)
  • Friday: Accidental Rest Day (My fitness instructor for Barre Class got stuck behind a pileup and couldn’t open the studio)
  • Saturday:  10 HILLY miles in New Hampshire
  • Sunday: 3 mile hike
    • Total Weekly Milage: 22.85


I know I could have been doing Yassos anywhere, but there’s very little flat land where I live, and even fewer stretches of road that are half a mile long where I wouldn’t have to stop for traffic. So I did a little research and found an awesome public track about a 10 minutes from my apartment, and did my first round of Yasso’s in um, YEARS. and it was great. as soon as I got to the track and started warming up, a toddler asked me if I wanted to play race with him, so I knew it was going to be a good workout. (I politely declined his request, but thought it was SO FREAKING ADORABLE.

I decided for my first yassos in three years, I wouldn’t track my paces. Instead, I just ran based on feel and it was so enjoyable. I’m going to time a few of my yassos this week, I think, but let myself just run on feel for the last few sets. Because being mean to myself because of my speed (or lack thereof) isn’t going to make me a better runner. But persistence, effort, and positivity will.

In other running news, I did my first of probably many long runs up at my parent’s lake house in New Hampshire. I escaped up there for the weekend and it was seriously so relaxing. According to my Garmin, the elevation gain was 410 feet, but a) I think that is an underestimation and b) that was almost all in the second half of the run. I ran along the lake for a while, and started mapping out how I can log my longer training runs in that area this summer. The views were really pretty, and helped distract me from the incessant mosquito attacks and hilly terrain.

I don’t know if I’ve explicitly mentioned this on the blog before, but I made the decision not to work this summer (I’m going to do a Teacher Tuesday post on this tomorrow), so I’ll be in New Hampshire a lot more this summer than in previous years. And that’s kind of nice, because the air is always cleaner and there’s always a big lake to jump into after a sweaty run:)

Now You Tell Me…

  • How were your long weekends? Anyone go anywhere? 

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