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Hi Friends:)

Firstly, HAPPY BELATED GLOBAL RUNNING DAY! I should have slipped that into yesterday’s post, but I totally didn’t. I celebrated with 8 miles before work thanks to a much-appreciated late-start at school.

Once again, I am a week late choosing goals for this month. BUT I checked back in on my goals for May, and I was pretty happy with where I ended up!

Just to jog your (and my) memory, my May goals were…

  • Eat a Real Dinner Every Night… But Be Okay with Takeout: I did this! I focused on not just eating snack-dinners but real meals that include lots of nutrients throughout the month. Making this goal was the hard reset I needed to get back on track nutrition-wise.
  • Don’t Jump Back Into Running Full-Force: I felt super tempted to go crazy with speed workouts, but I managed to keep my crazy on lockdown and instead I leaned into building easy milage as I enter into my next training cycle. Another successful goal:)
  • Switch Up My Cosmetics: This was expensive but also super fun. I switched from my cheap, target-brand shower and makeup products to more organic, non-toxic products. So far I have been pleasantly surprised by to, so many of the items I invested in. I mean, I doubted that “Tom’s of Maine” organic brand of deodorant would hold up to my running workouts, but somehow it does.
  • Get My Bloodwork Checked: Check! Still a little hyperthyroid, but that’s kind of normal for me and as long as I am close to the normal range my doctors and I feel okay with it.
  • Spend More Time With Friends: Done! I reached out to some people and it was great.

Okay, so, goals for JUNE….

  1. Stop Skipping Strength Workouts: Um, yeah, I need to get into more strength training sessions. My life has been so, unbelievably busy that I’ve had to skip a lot of my beloved leg-lifts in the last few weeks. But now that tutoring is done and school is (almost) done, I want to get back to the gym to strengthen my muscles and make gains!
  2. Get More Sleep: I’m honestly pretty good about sleep; I always manage to get 7-8 hours. But lately I’ve been feeling like I need a little bit more and I’ve been dragging my feet on answering my body’s calls for rest. This problem is closely connected to my next goal…
  3. Reduce my Screen Time: I am spending wayyyyyy too much time on my phone, computer, and ipad. I’ve been letting myself get too into social media stuff and I totally need to cut it down. I’m using an app called Space to help me monitor my phone use, and I’m using a chrome extension called Blocksite to block out websites I get sucked into for hours at a time (facebook, pinterest, ect)
  4. Purge and Reorganize my Back Room: My apartment has a back room (an attic, really) where I keep a whole lot of STUFF. Like, stuff I do not need to be keeping in my apartment. Stuff that I do not need to own at all. Stuff that I don’t even remember I own. My goal for the next two weekends is to purge it and reorganize it so I know where everything is!
  5. Invest in Trail Running Shoes: I’m planning to explore some AMAZING trails this summer, and I think it’s time for me to bite the bullet and invest in some legit trail running shoes. I’ve got a history of ankle injuries, so I’m really committed to finding a stable shoe with lots of traction that will take me places on trails not only all over New England but also in Peru!


I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you’ve got any goals you’re working on this month:)

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