Summer 2018: A Highlight Reel

Life / Saturday, August 25th, 2018

(This is a brief re-write of a post that was destroyed in the great disc-space crash of ReadWriteRun in December 2018. It was re-written using the photo folders and notes from the original post. Enjoy! )

This. Summer. Was. Awesome.

This was the first year I didn’t work or take classes over the summer; and it’ll probably be the only summer I’ll be able to live like a free-spritied vagabond, at least for a while. Here are a few of my FAVORITE memories from Summer 2018:

  1. PR’ing in Portland, Maine: Not a bad way to kick off the summer!

2. Lake Life with my Family: I am such a lucky lady to have the opportunity to spend time in the lakes region of New Hampshire. I’ve written about it before, and I know almost nobody cares about NH or family trips or whatever… but this place is special and being able to bring my niece there every summer makes it even more special.

3. Living the Resort Life in Antigua with my dad! I got the chance to travel to Antigua for a couple of days with my dad, and we had a blast reading books on the beach and just generally living the life.

4. Training for my 3rd marathon:) I’d never trained through the summer before, and I’d never had the opportunity to prioritize running the way I did this summer. I was able to grow so much, and stay so relaxed and positive the whole time!

5. Traveling to Peru! I’ve co-taught Special Education World History for the last two years and so seeing the world of the Inca, a world I’ve only ever read about and taught about, was huge for me. Sometimes I get down on myself for not having even more money saved (although lets be real my retirement and future-home-ownership account are perfectly great for my age group) and spending money on traveling. But then I realize how much I’m getting out of traveling and how much happiness it brings me:)

6. Reading ALL The Romance Novels: I’ve got to do a massive, massive overhaul of my books page and post some serious reviews. I have been reading up a storm and it’s been freaking awesome.

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