Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #14: Real Life Running Schedule!

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What is this?!? an on-time post?!?


This week was a solid week for running. Despite being sore from my half until probably Thursday, I managed to squeeze in a solid number of miles between my many jobs. Which brings me to the topic I’ll be deep-diving into after I recap my workouts; REAL LIFE RUNNER SCHEDULES!!

all my faves:)

But first, here’s how this week went down:

  • Monday: 4.01 mile run
  • Tuesday: 8.51 mile run
  • Wednesday: 1 mile with my Dreamfar students+ 5.48 mile run
  • Thursday: 3.23 mile run in the am, + 1 mile with Dreamfar
  • Friday: 4.40 mile run
  • Saturday: 15.45 mile run
  • Sunday: Walk + Dancing at my cousin’s wedding:)
    • Total Miles: 43.08 miles

So, I looked back at a bunch of my posts recently and realized how much I talk about my “crazy” life and “insane” schedule. I felt like maybe I was being a little dramatic, and considered talking about my busy-ness less.

But then I managed to drag myself out of the house after proctoring SAT’s all morning and running 15 miles to go to dinner with some friends downtown on Saturday night and they were all like “Wait, you do what? You run when? You do that too?” They laughed as I told them how very un-glamorous my life as a teacher/runner is. The conversation then evolved into talking about how we all follow these “influencers” online whose only job is to live the life you want to live.

Meanwhile, I am balancing multiple jobs, marathon training, volunteering, and living in a bustling city and I’m supposed to cure my anxiety and fatigue with what, like, overpriced essential oils? (not that I don’t 100% love my 2 diffusers)

Influencers can be really fun to read about and watch on InstaStories, but their lives and/or how they portray their lives is not reality. Or, it’s not most of our realities.

So let me walk you through two days in my “normal” life. I’ve picked this Wednesday and Thursday, just to be factual.


6am: Wednesday is when I get to “sleep in,” which to me means a 6am alarm rather than 4:45. I wake up, get ready, have some cereal for breakfast, do a few dishes, pack up my lunch, and I’m out the door by 6:55
7:15am: Receive an angry email from a parent that’s not even actually about me, but it makes me feel so sad. I then have to put on a happy face and teach ALL DAY.
10:15am: The new computer system we’re starting to use for independent education documentation eats 2+ hours of work I’d been doing during my planning time. I feel even more sad, so I eat my lunch an hour early. Then it’s off to back-to-back classes until the end of the day.
3:15pm: Finish teaching, change into running clothes and round up my Dreamfar student runners. Review norms, warm up, run 1 mile with them, then lots of high-fives.
4:30pm: Finally muster up the courage to respond to the parent email from the morning. Use all the talent I have as a creative writer to compose a proper response.
5pm: Drop my car off at my brother’s for a break repair. We chat for a few minutes, then I go run 5.48 miles around his neighborhood while he works. When I get back from my run, his dog (who had not run with me and had no reason to be this tired) looked like this: 

I feel you, buddy. I feel you.
For reference: My brother is a mechanic and does my car maintenance free of charge, and in exchange I pet-sit for him whenever he needs it. It’s a great deal, and my brother is the best.   
6:30pm: Car is done! I cleansing-wipe myself, change my smelly shirt IN MY CAR, pull my filthy hair into a bun, and buy a pre-made salad at the local grocery store which I eat IN MY CAR, IN THE PARKING LOT.
7:30pm: Head to a check-in at physical therapy. Spend the session convincing my physical therapist that running marathons is awesome and not crazy, which is hard since I’ve had to be in PT on and off for 2 years, and I’d had to re-schedule this session 5 times and he’d added this late appointment for me because I couldn’t make it to anything earlier.
8:30pm: I know I should stretch, roll, and diffuse my lavender oil before bed. But instead I take a 5 minute body shower and get directly into bed. I am asleep by 9:15.


4:45am: First alarm goes off. I snooze until 5am, although I know I shouldn’t. Once I get out of bed, I quickly scarf down some cheerios and try to do a little stretching and foam rolling since I have not done that in days.
5:45am: Head out the door for a quick 3 miles, which turns into 3.23 when I stupidly decide to take a new route and get lost in my own neighborhood.
6:20am: Get home, shower, get dressed, pack lunch, and pack my running bag for Dreamfar, since I forgot to pack it the night before. Once again, I am out of the house by 6:55am.
7:15am: Find that I have 24 unread messages in my work email inbox, mostly from admins and parents. Realize that I will be spending both of my planning blocks today answering said emails, and give up on making my upcoming paperwork deadline.
3:15: Gather the Dreamfar kiddos once again after a long day of teaching and answering touchy emails. Greet them all, warm up, run 1 mile with them, high fives all around.
5pm: Head to a tutoring gig to help one of my clients write a paper. While at the red lights along the way, I manage to wipe off my post-run face with one of the face cleansing wipes I keep in my car for this exact situation, and pull a clean sweatshirt over my not-clean running tank in an effort to cover up my gross-ness.  Once I actually arrive, my client’s puppy seems to know that I am exhausted and spends the whole session cuddling on my lap.

6:30: Grab a Panera salad on my way home because I forgot to defrost a dinner for tonight and I am so, so hungry.
7:15pm: Home! Finally! And home early-ish! What is this magic!?!? I spend an hour studying for my GRE’s before I get too tired to think. Then I spend the next 45-minutes vaguely neatening the apartment, packing my lunch for the next day, and hoping for a restful night.
9pm: Get into bed and read until I fall asleep spooning my book.

And that, my friends, is a typical two-day span of time for me during the school year. And I’ll put it out there: I could easily NOT coach Dreamfar and I could probably get by without the tutoring gigs. But Dreamfar makes me SO HAPPY, and the extra income I make tutoring helps move me closer to my goal of owning my own home without having to totally give up on some of my favorite things in life (Travel, good food, living close to my family)

I think it’s hard for anyone to really conceptualize the challenges other people face, which is why I wanted to be very transparent here. I know there are other runners out there with multiple jobs and families and all kinds of stuff going on. I know there are also people who want to run but hold themselves back because they don’t think they have the time or the energy. And to those people I say: you can do anything. If you want it, you will find the patches of time in your day to make it happen.

However, you need to know that the way you run, and generally just the way you live your life, will never look like what social media tells you it should look like. You probably won’t have a perfectly matched running outfit for every day, and you’ll probably be running on dark sidewalks as opposed to sunny trails the vast majority of the time. But as long as you get the job done, you’re living your dream:)

Have a wonderful week! I’ll {hopefully} be back with another post this Thursday; I have a bunch of books I still need to review!

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