Marathon Training Monday: Life Updates+January In Boston

Life, Running / Monday, January 21st, 2019


I haven’t done a training update in a long, long time. This is in part due to the epic disc-space crash of 2019. This is also because life was pretty bleak throughout most of November and December and I wasn’t able to put in the time or energy it took to follow an organized training plan or like, write about it in my normal, poppy, upbeat style.

Some organizational shifts at work and just some generally positive movement in my day-to-day life has got me feeling a lot more excited to share an update on life and training with you all.

Here’s how life has been since I last did a post on what’s going on with me.

During November and December, I took on some additional responsibilities at work that were really rewarding… but also had me pulling some late, late nights in my office. My admins were super supportive, though, and worked to create a more sustainable role for me after the new year. So things are a lot better!

My next race is the Disney World Princess Half Marathon next month! I’ve been running with my students 3-4 days a week as they prepare for the Providence Marathon in May, so most of my training so far has happened through that process. I’m doing some more structured workouts to prep for the race now, but mostly I’m just excited to go to disney and do some serious running with this lovely lady:)

The weather this month has been truly disgusting. Rain, wind, frigid temperatures, and (now) ice and snow. Training in this weather is a huge challenge. If you live somewhere with even somewhat milder weather, thank your lucky stars to be there, as it’s -5 outside where I am right now.

Anyhow… this was the first week in a long time where I sat down on Sunday night and planned out my runs for the week with a milage goal in mind. I was able to keep up with my plan and get in several awesome workouts throughout the week:)

  • Monday: 3.1 miles w/ my students
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: 3.15 miles in the AM, 3.6 miles in the PM
  • Thursday: 3.6 miles w/ my students, 5 miles w/ other mentors
  • Friday: Barre Class
  • Saturday:  11.5 miles before the snow rolled in
    • Total Weekly Milage: 30.01 MILES

This week was a pretty good one running-wise. My goal is to get up to 32 miles this week, and 35 the following week in preparation for the half:) I’m not looking to PR in Disney, though; There are too many disney characters and locations I want to stop and take pictures with during the race for me to push for a PR. That said, I’d like to finish up under the 2:10 mark, so I’ll have to keep up a decent pace while I’m actually running.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep checking in on the site to see how the restorations are going; I’m retrieving and restoring new/old posts every day:) And if anyone else out there is running the Princess Half… let me know! I’d love to chat:)

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