Friday Faves: January Edition

Life / Friday, January 25th, 2019

Hi Friends!

When I first started this blogging thing, I hopped on the “Friday Faves” bandwagon, and for a few weeks I really enjoyed it.

Then a week or so passed when I didn’t necessarily have any new favorites, and so I felt like I was forcin’ it, which is the last kind of content I want to put out there.

But I have some really fabulous stuff to share from throughout this month! Some are product-based, some are more conceptual, and some might be sort of esoteric. That said… here are my faves from January, 2019!

  1. Ethiopian Food! I had it for the first time and loved it so, so much. I was able to get gluten-free bread and really loved pairing and mixing all the flavorful veggies. Also, there’s nothing like a little spice when it’s <20 degrees outside.

2. Loose Leaf Chamomile Tea (in my awesome cat cup): I don’t write about this a whole lot… but I always have been and always will be a bad sleeper. It’s hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep, and with my activity levels being what they are, I really can’t afford to lose very much sleep. I try to maintain good sleep hygiene, and I’ve been working on finding all-natural remedies to help me sleep more and sleep better. Chamomile tea has been part of my routine on and off for a while now, so when I got a loose leaf tea diffuser for Christmas, I also took the jump to buy some high-quality, organic chamomile for bed-time. I chose to pick mine up at David’s Tea, and boy have I been enjoying it:) It really does help me settle down and get sleepy at the end of the night.

3. Weekender Bag: My old knockoff Vera Bradley duffle got torn a while back, so I asked for this for Christmas. It’s not big enough for much more than a weekend trek, which is exactly what I needed it for. The shoe compartment at the bottom offers a nice, structured space for larger items, and there are a few pockets inside that are super handy. I’ve currently got it packed and with me at the airport for a flight to Canada:)

4. FYRE Documentaries: As a millennial, I was fascinated when the Fyre Festival epically failed back in 2017. I was also interested because the big villain within its failure, Billy McFarland, had dropped out of my small, little-known college the same year I graduated in order to become an entrepreneur/con man. I’ve watched both of the documentaries- Netflix and Hulu- since they premiered and it’s so interesting to see how wrong things can go when nobody is asking questions.

5. How To Be Alone by Lane Moore: Anyone who has ever felt lonely/ been a loner/ moved to a city where they knew nobody/ had a falling out with their family/ had an ill-timed but impactful romantic connection should read this book. lane Moore is hilarious and fearless, and reading this book was super therapeutic for me; a friendly, loving, caring loner.

So those are my most recent faves!

Have a great weekend, folks:)

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