Book Review: How to Be Alone by Lane Moore

Life, Reading / Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Hi Friends!

I’m FINALLY getting around to reviewing my first book of 2019! ICYMI, I made a goal to read 20 books in 2019, so I’m trying to keep a good 1.5-2 book per month groove going.

This book appeared on a Buzzfeed list about self-help books that didn’t read like self-help books. Since reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” last year, I’ve been on the lookout for more of these sort of personal narrative mixed with personal development kinds of books. “How To Be Alone” stood out to me because Lane Moore is also a comedian and Onion writer, and I love reading books by funny females.

I’d never known much about Lane Moore before reading this book, but now I feel like we’re soul sisters. Lane is someone who hasn’t always had family and friendships she can lean on through tough times, hence the book’s title. As someone who is also a little bit of a loner, I could relate to a lot of the concepts she walks through in the book.

In the book, Lane walks through the obstacles she had to push through in her early life, and in a voice that is both hilarious and respectable she discusses how these experiences can impact a person long-term. She does a really great job of explaining some tricky psychological ideas in normal-person speak. Her advice on romance and friendships as a loner spoke straight to my soul. Also, she loves Anne of Green Gables the same amount that I do and for the same reasons.

This book markets itself as an advice book for loners, but what it really is is a declaration of independence for anyone who has ever been made to feel like they’re somehow wrong or flawed for being alone in any way.

Now, I have several amazing, caring friends and a huge family that I keep in near-constant contact with. But I still sometimes want to call someone about a thought or worry I’m having and realize “oh…nobody I know will be able to help with this. I’ll just deal on my own.” And this author is probably the first one I’ve found who GETS IT. And who says it’s totally fine and everyone else who judges can just get over it.

This book was great. Just great. I loved Lane’s stories, I loved her hilarious voice, and I loved the overall message. If you’re into nonfiction books by funny ladies (Bossypants and Yes Please, for example), you’ll love this. If you’re someone whose family takes pictures in coordinated outfits on the holidays and/or who has a huge group of life-long friends who you post pictures of on Instagram with captions like “FRIENDS ARE THE FAMILY YOU CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF <3” … This book might not make sense to you. You all can keep watching re-runs of 7th Heaven and just chill.

Happy reading!

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