Summer Running and Teacher Travels:)

Life / Friday, July 19th, 2019

Hi Friends!

It’s been a LOOOOONG while since I last posted. I’m currently on a travel adventure that I’m super excited to write a little bit about on here. But before I launch into that, a few updates:

  1. My next race is the Marine Corps Marathon this October! Super excited to chase some goals and take on 26.2 for a fifth time!
  2. In prep for this, I’ve been steadily increasing my weekly milage from ~25 miles a week (which I’d been doing through June) to ~35 miles a week. My goal is to max out at about 50 miles a week, and to mix in more speed work and strenght work while I’m at it.
  3. Travel has totally taken over my life; Within the month of June, I logged miles in 4 different states (Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and California). I’ve got the travel training thing DOWN these days, and I’ll go more into that in my upcoming travel posts.
  4. Weekly workout posts just…aren’t happening? I hope to get back to them at some point! I pulled a training plan from for this marathon, and I’ve been altering it as need be. So far I’m liking it!
  5. SUMMER IS HERE!! I am loving being out of work and exploring the world. I’m still in grad school online, which is time consuming, but also stimulating. Last year felt really stagnant for me, so this travel-filled summer and new graduate program have been really getting my brain on track!

Thanks for reading!

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